ACAA / IELTS Awards 2013 Winners: Dr Weihua Sun

University of Wollongong alumnus, Dr Weihua Sun, is the winner of this year’s Australia China Alumni Award for Corporate Achievement.

Dr. Weihua Sun graduated from the University of Wollongong with a PhD in 2005. He also holds a Masters of Engineering from the Technology University of Wuhan and the Northeastern University of China.

Today, Dr Sun is the Board of Director and Deputy General Manager, Director of the Technical Centre and Vice Chief Engineer of the Jigang Group Co Ltd – one of China’s top 100 companies.
The Jigang Group manufactures and exports steel products from China and is engaged in the smeltering and processing of iron and steel as well as the production of other steel, gas and chemical products.

Dr Sun’s impressive career includes 13 patents in the areas of metal production and rolling and ongoing work with the University of Wollongong. He has retained strong links to Australia, which include the raising of million-dollar funding for trade and joint ventures with Australia and Australian businesses. Between 2001 and 2002 Dr Sun was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre of Engineering Mechanics, at the University of Wollongong. 

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He has been awarded a number of prominent awards for his work, including being named one of the Top 10 Outstanding engineers of Shandong Province and most recently, honoured with a Government Special Allowance by the State Council in recognition of his outstanding contribution.

Dr Sun has many fond memories of his time in Australia, and considers himself Wollongong’s number one ambassador in Jinan.

*Pictured: Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery with Dr Weihua Sun at Jigang Iron & Steel in Jinan, September 2013.

“I miss both the University of Wollongong and Wollongong dearly,” says Dr Sun.

“The kindness and tolerance of people there impacted me significantly. I put a lot of effort into my work, and tried to contribute to the University of Wollongong as well as to Wollongong.”

He credits his career success to his attention to detail, a skill he refined at the University of Wollongong while completing his PhD.

“Each time I had almost finished my thesis, I always discovered that there were still many sections not up to expectation, and much more that needed improvement,” says Dr Sun. “This mindset has always been there to shape me and help me to get to where I am at today.” 

*Pictured top left: University of Wollongong Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gerard Sutton with Dr Weihua Sun, in Wollongong in December 2005.


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