Label-Free Visa Travel to Australia

From October, the Australian government has introduced new label-free visas for all Australian visa holders departing China for travel to Australia.

With the agreement of the Ministry of Public Security these new label-free visa arrangements came into effect from October 1, 2012.
The system no longer requires Australian visa holders travelling from China to Australia to have a visa label placed in their passport to confirm their immigration status and entitlements in Australia. During check-in to fly to Australia, airline staff will be able to electronically confirm that passengers travelling from China and Hong Kong have a valid visa to travel to Australia before boarding their flights.
These arrangements apply to Chinese and other nationals in the People’s Republic of China who:
– depart from an airport in mainland China travelling on a flight, or flights, directly or indirectly, to Australia and hold a boarding pass for their final flight to Australia; or
– depart mainland China transiting by land or ferry through the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in order to travel on a flight or flights to Australia. 
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