Friendship beyond borders

Australian Alan Bradford has been awarded a prestigious Friendship Award in recognition of his work in China. He spoke to Sophie Loras.

Alan Bradford, GroundProbe’s General Manager for Global Production and Support is the recent recipient of a China Friendship Award for his contribution to the mining industry, work safety and economic development in China. Queensland-based GroundProbe develops and supplies unique measurement systems and services to the mining and civil infrastructure industries, specifically in China, its GroundProbe Slope Stability Radar, which measures slope movements in mine walls down to the sub-millimetre, predicting mine collapses as well as enhancing the design and development of the mines and then being able to predict when it is safe to resume work.

Alan first came to China in 2004 to launch an online education program. After joining GroundProbe, he encouraged the business to investigate the Chinese market, joining a 2007 Trade Queensland Market Mission to promote the company’s products to the Chinese mining sector.

“I knew the type of organization I was looking for in a partner and Trade Queensland was excellent in their support. We signed a Distribution Agreement with China Coal Research Institute (CCRI) Shenyang in July 2009 and sold the first radar soon after,” says Alan of GroundProbe’s China no deposit bonus inroads.

“The Chinese mining industry is going through a change with an increased focus on safety and productivity,” says Alan. “The introduction of the radar was the introduction of advanced technology to a traditional problem of monitoring slope stability in open pit mines.”

GroundProbe’s Australian made equipment is used all over the world in most of the major global mining companies, but Alan still sees big potential in China and untapped

opportunities in Central Asia as the region’s mining boom accelerates.

Receiving the award has been a great honour for Alan and his team.

“I was both surprised and pleased that the Provincial Government made the award but I readily acknowledge that it is a team acknowledgement. Without CCRI Shenyang, GroundProbe and support from Trade Queensland and Austrade we would not have achieved nearly as much as we have,” he says.

“Personally I enjoy the Chinese experience and am learning as much I can and sharing. I think that is an important aspect of being in China… you have to enjoy the adventure,” says Alan.

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