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China’s Five million dollar entrepreneurs

Australian states and territories are clambering to sponsor applicants of the new Significant Investor Visa, but proving the source of funding remains a chief hindrance, writes Sophie Loras.

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China’s New Foreigner Visa Laws

When the Central Government enacts new laws concerning foreigners, people in foreign communities in China look up and listen. And current changes to the visas available to foreigners living in China are no exception, writes Tony Tang.

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Online shopping in China: Luring the Chinese online shopper

With 580 million netizens online in China, there’s much to be excited about, especially when all your business needs is a good website. But is it that simple? Can eCommerce site owners simply point their site to China and start selling? Lisa Goodhand explains the intricacies of the Chinese online shopper.

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The Sky is the Limit for Chinese airlines in Australia

Melbourne Airport’s success in securing direct flights between Melbourne and Chengdu with the arrival of Sichuan Airlines in February, signals big opportunities for Australia in attracting Chinese visitors beyond its two biggest cities, writes Sophie Loras.

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Harnessing the power of alumni for tourism

A recent survey conducted by the Australia China Alumni Association, Victoria University, and the Central University of Finance and Economics, demonstrates the role Chinese students play in facilitating Australia’s international tourism market, writes Joanne Pyke.

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Comment: Life in the Fast Lane

China’s middle class is growing every second, and the Chinese and gloabal economies are relying on its continued growth, writes Rowan Callick.