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Shanghaied – Why Foster’s Could Not Survive China

Shanghaied: Why Foster’s could not survive China analyses how cross-cultural barriers impact the success of Australian companies doing business in China. The conclusions from three years of research have enabled the author to publish three major contributions that will help organisations find the right strategies in planning, negotiation, management and marketing.



Carl Jetter – Profile Prior to his recent re-election as councillor to the City of Melbourne, Carl Jetter’s main business...



Carl Jetter – Profile
卡尔•杰特 – 简介



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Shanghai Architecture

Shanghai Architecture by Anne Warr, published by Watermark Press Dec 2007.

Covering 270 of the city’s buildings and places, both old and new, the Guide is organized into nine areas with clear and original maps accompanying each. It also includes essays about Shanghai’s history, biographies of architects and personalities, and insights into the city’s urban development. It is an essential introduction to the most dynamic city on earth.


Think like Chinese

The difficulty Westerners have doing business in China is in the cultural differences that affect the commercial realities. Westerners identify an opportunity; thinking revolves around making that opportunity work financially in order to do the deal. If the figures stack up the game then becomes getting the customer, regardless of who she/he is, to sign on the dotted line.


The Chinese Dream

The Chinese Dream – A society under construction, by DCF, Neville Mars and Adrian Hornsby. Publisher 010 says: What if you built the whole mass of western europe in 20 years? What if 400 million farmers then moved in? What would it look like? How would it work? Would you be able to go to sleep at night? And if you did, would you dream of somewhere else …?


Beautiful Villages of Beijing

Kelly: People from all of the world are visiting Beijing nowadays, if you are one of them, have you ever thought about visiting a village of Beijing? In recent years, more and more of the Beijing citizens spend holidays in village, to experience more traditional ways of celebrating holiday.