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White Metal Tigers

Just what does the Year of the Tiger have in store for Australia China relations asks Rowan Callick.

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Hui Yin Bi: New Girl in Town

Being a new business to the China market isn’t so very different to being the new girl in town, writes Cecilia Fan.  

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ACBC Chairman’s Column

Australia’s relationship with China is maturing and evolving – it is maturing to become a fundamentally two-way, reciprocal and dynamic partnership, and it is evolving to become the most important bilateral relationship to Australia’s national interest in the 21st century writes ACBC Chairman Frank Tudor.


Hong Kong – more relevant for your China business than ever

Misconceptions abound that Hong Kong is no longer relevant for a China business strategy – but more than ever Hong Kong offers Australian companies a viable platform for accessing sustainable business opportunities in the China market writes Phil Ingram.


ACBA: 2009 Business Excellence in Greater China

The celebration of Australian business excellence at a December awards ceremony in Beijing demonstrated that global financial crisis or not, China was the place to be doing business in 2009 writes Sophie Loras.

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Happy New Year!

2009 was without a doubt one of the busiest and most productive years in Australia-China bilateral relations in recent times. Furthermore, the outlook for 2010 is for another period of activity and achievement writes Australian Ambassador to China, HE, Dr Geoff Raby.


Travel: Chinatown of opportunities

How do you launch a successful burlesque club in the midst of a financial crisis? Sophie Loras spoke to Anna Patterson, the general manager of Shanghai’s CHINATOWN to find out.

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Publisher’s letter: Recovery to where?

We have just celebrated the arrival of 2010 and there is a lot of debate and discussion about the world’s economic recovery. Obviously as various countries and economies have experienced differing levels of economic down turns and crisis, the extent of recoveries is connected as well.