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Publisher’s Letter: Property Boom Times in Melbourne

A decade ago, it would have been quite rare in Australia to see large cranes silhouetted against the skylines of the outer suburbs of Australian cities, but that is indeed what we are seeing more and more of in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, as councils gradually permit increasing building heights.

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旅游澳洲 超越想象

根据澳大利亚旅游调查局(Tourism Research Australia)的最新数据显示,超过80%的中国游客认为他们的澳大利亚旅游体验达到或超过了预想效果。


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——亨蒂巷酒庄销售与市场部总监   妮可(Nikki Palun)

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今年三月,悉尼市政府主办的多元文化盛会”和谐生活节”(Living in Harmony Festival)将为人们搭架文化桥梁,突破语言障碍,安排精彩活动。