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Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Looking beyond the traditional tier one Chinese cities of Shanghai and Beijing opens up a new world of opportunities for Australian business, writes David Thomas, following a visit to Hangzhou.

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Tourism and people to people ties

Australia has much to gain from levering off Hong Kong and Macau’s reputations as tourism hot spots, writes AustCham Hong Kong and Macau Chairman Richard Petty.

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Long term outlook the key to success in China

China presents huge opportunities in business and trade, but a short-term approach to doing business here doesn’t always bring about long-term results, writes AustCham Beijing Chair, Brendan Mason.

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Company Profile: Futuris Automotive

The opening of Futuris Automotive’s first wholly owned manufacturing facility in Wuxi shows there is still a future for Australia’s automotive sector – but strategic, long-term planning into international markets is the key, writes Sophie Loras.

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Publisher’s Letter: Property Boom Times in Melbourne

A decade ago, it would have been quite rare in Australia to see large cranes silhouetted against the skylines of the outer suburbs of Australian cities, but that is indeed what we are seeing more and more of in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, as councils gradually permit increasing building heights.

2014年度“在华大型企业卓越成就奖”开放提名 0


一年一度的”西太平洋”中国澳大利亚商会”在华大型企业卓越成就奖”(AustCham Westpac ACBA)现已开放接受提名。


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旅游澳洲 超越想象

根据澳大利亚旅游调查局(Tourism Research Australia)的最新数据显示,超过80%的中国游客认为他们的澳大利亚旅游体验达到或超过了预想效果。