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Mainland Moments: Giving in China

Recent high profile scandals in China’s charity scene have affected some of the country’s biggest NGOs. But as Karen Tye reports, there are many ways to make a contribution to charities in China.

Bilingual schools of the future 0

Bilingual schools of the future

Auburn High School in Melbourne is offering bilingual streams in Mandarin Chinese and French, reflecting a growing change in the way languages are taught in Australian schools, writes Sophie Loras.

Murray Now 0

Murray Now

The Murray Region stretches along the Murray River, which forms much of the border for Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). The Murray region is a major contributor to the Australian Dairy industry. 22% of dairy export is from the Murray, 9.4% of this is to China.

联盟政府继续为维多利亚州的多元文化社区,提供强大的资金支持 0


维州多元文化事务及公民部部长马颂楷 Matthew Guy 非常高兴地宣布了,2014-2015 年度的财政预算不但会继续支持所有现有的项目,同时更会扩展一些特别的项目。