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Publisher’s Letter: China’s two worlds

The results of last year’s Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen created a media frenzy in which the western press blamed China for aligning itself with the world’s third world countries and then requesting equal recognition and compensation in respect to China’s reduction of its level of green house gas emissions, writes Carl Jetter.

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Jeremy Oliver Launches First Wine Book in Chinese

Acclaimed Australian wine writer Jeremy Oliver celebrates his 25th year in the business with the first book purpose-written to educate the emerging Chinese market about wine and to encourage them to try Australian wine first. Published in simplified Chinese, Enjoying Wine with Jeremy is a handsomely illustrated and informally written book packed with information about the enjoyment of wine before presenting tasting notes, labels and ratings of 290 Australian wines currently available in the Chinese market.


People Watch – Jan / Feb 2009

James Greer has recently been appointed the China Manager for CBD Energy, a Sydney-based Renewable Energy Company. CBD Energy is looking to establish a Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence between Australia and China to conduct further R & D and to manufacture their graphite storage block technology. James has been in China for four years and is currently a Director of the China – Australia Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.


Restoring the City

Since December 2002, when the Bureau International des Expositions announced that Shanghai had won the right to host the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai has been preparing the city for its estimated 80 million visitors writes Anne Warr.

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Company Profile: Bovis Lend Lease

David Lehmann, Bovis Lend Lease’s Managing Director – China tells Sophie Loras how winning the tender to construct the Australia Pavilion at World Expo has had huge benefits for the business’s long-term China projects.

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White Metal Tigers

Just what does the Year of the Tiger have in store for Australia China relations asks Rowan Callick.