ACAA / IELTS Awards 2013 Winners: Mr Zili Shao

The University of Melbourne’s Mr Zili Shao is the ACAA IELTS 2013 Australia China Alumni of the Year.

Mr. Zili Shao is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase’s Chinese Operations, and a University of Melbourne alumnus.

Praised by the judging panel as a career-focused quiet achiever, Zili Shao has progressed up the corporate ladder, starting as a partner at Australian law firm, Allens Arthur Robinson in Sydney and Hong Kong, to various roles at Linklaters – including the position of Asia Managing Partner – to his current position as Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan China where he oversees the China operations of one of the world’s largest multi national financial services firms.

In his Beijing-based role at JP Morgan Chase, Zili Shao is responsible for the overall strategic development and operations of all of the firm’s China businesses including all of its PRC mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

He also oversees seven joint ventures, three WOFEs and a locally incorporated subsidiary bank. In his three years with the bank, Zili Shao has established three joint ventures, one quantative research centre and three new branches. In addition to his significant career achievements, Zili Shao has worked as an attorney in the PRC, a barrister and solicitor in Victoria and New South Wales, a solicitor of the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

He has also served as a solicitor at Mallesons Stephen Jaques’ Melbourne office and as an attorney at law, with Citic Group in Beijing.

Zili Shao first travelled to Australia in 1986 as an exchange student. He graduated with a Bachelor and Masters of Law from the University of Melbourne, and was one of the first Chinese qualified lawyers in Australia.

“Zili Shao is an example of Australian alumni excelling at all facets of their professional life and rising into senior leadership positions,” reads the judging report. “He is widely recognised as being a leader in the field and is a leading Australian educated executive. He is a great inspiration to students and potential students of Australian universities.” 

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