Demand in Asia pushes Australian wine exports to new high

Australian wine exports grew in both average value and volume in 2012 according to the latest Wine Export Approvals Report released by Wine Australia in January.

The report showed Australian wine exports increased by 3 per cent to 721 million litres (valued at A$1.85 billion) and the average value per litre increased, with bottled wine up 3 percent to A$4.43 per litre.
Bulk wine was also up 2 percent to A$1.03 per litre.
Wine Australia’s Chief Executive, Andrew Cheesman, said despite the strong Australian dollar, continued growth in the average value of Australian wine exports was positive news for Australia’s wine industry.
“Australian wine exports delivered a solid performance in some of our key markets last year and, as global supply is tightening, we believe there are signals for cautious optimism,” Mr Cheesman said.
“We are confident that with the high quality of wine being produced at all price points, the sector can continue to achieve growth in emerging markets and benefit from a ‘second life cycle’ in some of the more mature markets.
Mr Chessman said Australian wine continued to build and cement its positive reputation in the emerging China market, with Australian bottled wine exports growing strongly, up 15 percent to 35 million litres and the average value of bottled exports up by 6 percent to A$6.39 per litre.
Strongest growth in the Chinese export sector was in the A$10 per litre and above range, up 40 percent to 4.8 million litres, reflecting China’s increasing demand for premium wine.
China consolidated its position as the biggest destination for Australian bottled exports – above A$7.50 per litre, ahead of Canada and the US, while the average value of Australian bottled wine exports to China was above that of France.
Mr Cheesman said Wine Australia was implementing new initiatives to help capitalise on some of Australia’s developing wine markets including a partnership with Tourism Australia, which will deliver a major global campaign to generate greater awareness and build a higher value premium perception of Australian wine and the quality of Australian food and wine tourism experiences. 

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