Free double pass to Hanggai’s concert in Australia!杭盖现场演唱会免费双门票等你来拿!

Introducing music from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia to this Christmas and New Year in Australia.


Hanggai takes their audience on a journey to the Chinese interior, giving you a taste of the freedom of life on the steppe, the beauty of the four seasons in the grasslands, and the experience of nomadic life on horse-back. This summer in Australia, they are touring in QLD, NSW, SA, VIC and TAS. For more information on concert dates, click here. Win your double pass to Hanggai’s concert in Australia, simply email your interest and your full name to

适逢圣诞、新年长假,杭盖乐队将给澳大利亚观众带来源自内蒙古大草原的音乐。杭盖的世界是一个富饶的艺术世界,因为不同的地区都有各自独特而悠久的音乐传统。他们的音乐是多种多样的,从令人唏嘘动容的摇篮曲”波如莱”到节奏狂野奔放的求雨歌”乌仁都西”应有尽有。观众们时而屏息聆听,时而随着音乐手之舞之,足之蹈之。今夏,他们将在澳大利亚的昆士兰,新州,南澳,维州和塔斯马尼亚进行巡演。了解更多关于杭盖乐队的信息,请点击。赢取你的杭盖现场演唱会免费双门票,请电邮”杭盖 + 您的姓名”到

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