Publisher’s Letter: The importance of good government connections

In Australia, politics has been at the forefront of our concerns. In China it has very much been a year of strong and steady ongoing economic growth, writes Carl Jetter.

For those of us who deal and communicate with China regularly, we understand that the Chinese political system, federal and regional, has a strong influence in the country’s economic structure extending into its business community – regardless of whether a business is state owned, partially state owned or privately owned.

This is not a criticism – this is just a way of life in China – a reality that suits China and one that Australians need to accept and understand.

Therefore, if Australian companies, who do business in China, are able to show a connection with Australian federal, state or local governments, it offers most of the time, a preferred status in the eyes of potential Chinese business partners.

Most Australian state governments and many local councils have now established various forms of support initiatives for companies doing business in China, which is clearly benefiting Australian export success to China.

Not to ignore the federal government and Austrade, who are at the forefront of working with the Australian business community in China.

As we know, there is a down side to every up side. Our federal and state parliaments provide for regular elections, which at times are too frequent and even extremely sudden, as we have witnessed this year.

This in turn provides for changing political agendas, directions and people, which in turn does not assist a steady and healthy growth for the business community, when building relationships and success.

We have a new political leadership in Canberra, who has paid very little if any recognition at this stage to our strong relationship with China, nor has the new leadership of the federal opposition.

It is times like this that you can see the benefits of China’s five-year term system and the ability to implement longer-term initiatives.

As another year passes and the first decade of this century comes to a close one can only contemplate “How times flies”.

To our customers I thank you for your support and choosing our publication for your marketing requirements, and to all our readers I wish you a safe and enjoyable festive season with your families and friends.

Carl Jettter,

Publisher, Australia China Connections.

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