Shanghaied – Why Foster’s Could Not Survive China

Shanghaied: Why Foster’s could not survive China analyses how cross-cultural barriers impact the success of Australian companies doing business in China. The conclusions from three years of research have enabled the author to publish three major contributions that will help organisations find the right strategies in planning, negotiation, management and marketing.

“Failure to address cultural differences will incur what are now identified in the business world as cultural costs. To avoid these huge costs, the project must start with a quality background study on the cultural parameters influencing the operation.”

About the author

Dr Mona Chung

Dr Mona Chung has a BA in International Trade, Beijing Renmin University, Grad Dip, International Business, Swinburne University, Master of International Business, Deakin University, Grad Cert Higher Education, Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University. Her work addresses the major issue in doing business with China – overcoming the cultural gap. The vast cultural differences between Australia and China have left many companies with a large amount of write-downs. Dr Chung specialises in strategic planning, management and marketing practice for international organisations to understand the culture of Chinese market. As a bi-cultural person she short-circuits processes and produce results that increase efficiency. Dr Chung is a frequent guest speaker at public forums and tertiary institutions and is the author of an extensive list of publications in cross-cultural business studies. Dr Chung teaches international business, management and marketing. She can be contacted at or

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