Get Your Chinese Business Card Right

Don’t Get Caught Short with an Embarrassing Animal on Your Chinese Business Card.

At Chin Communications, we’ve just written a short guide to creating Chinese business cards. After hearing many horror stories about cards, from the holder whose name was like dog excrement to one who could be mistaken for pig, we thought enough is enough and put together an explanation about business cards, including what to look out for and a few more funny (well shocking really) stories.
Further, we are often asked: “What language do I need to use in Mainland China or Taiwan or Hong Kong, how do I lay out a business card and why are there two different ways of writing Chinese?”

All of these important questions are answered in our book. If you are doing business with Chinese people – no matter where they are – this book will be useful to you and will help you to avoid a red face next time you hand your card over.

Or if you’d like a hard copy of our book posted to you, please telephone 613 8605 4823 or email:

If you’d like help to craft an effective card memorable for the right reasons or any other documents, of course we’re here to help.

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